Don’t cause visitors to immediately leave your website:

After you’ve spent a lot of time and energy – not to mention money – to create a website, the last thing you want is for it to be a bad experience for the viewer. Why? Because they are likely to immediately click off and look elsewhere for your product or service.

Your website needs to be both visually engaging, and fully functional. Many web designer concentrate on design and the “look”, while many developers concentrate only on the “code”. Your site needs to employ both!

Here’s common reasons for a high bounce rate:

  1. Slow page load.
    This one is the most annoying. If your page takes too long to load in the browser, visitors become frustrated and move on.
  2. Intrusive advertisements in the form of auto-loading visuals or video.
    No one wants to sit and wait for the page to fully load when they want to find solutions quickly.
  3. Poorly designed navigation.
    Not being able to find your way around, back to the Homepage, or being lost on a website ensures visitors won’t stick around. Not being able to quickly find their way around is a site killer.
  4. Not having your website “responsive”.
    A website that is not optimized for mobile devices is sure to create a poor impression – especially if the viewer is stuck not being able to read your content easily on their phone or tablet device.
  5. Required “form” completion to move on to the next step.

    Asking for too much personal information to continue on your site is considered by many intrusive. Say goodbye, they won’t be back. Keep your potential customers engaged in your content by avoiding these pitfalls!
    Ask ICPI for more ways to interest your site viewers and create conversions.